Director of Grants and Programs

Executive Team · Vancouver, British Columbia
Department Executive Team
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Executive
Compensation $140,130.00 - $179,055.00 annually

DEPARTMENT:  Executive Team 

REPORTS TO: Executive Director 

POSITION TYPE: Full time, Permanent

SALARY:  $140,130.00 - $179,055.00 annually

POSTING CLOSING DATE:  accepting applications on a rolling basis


*We strongly encourage applications from members of communities that are marginalized or that experience structural discrimination including those identifying as Indigenous, people of colour, members of non-dominant ethnic, religious, linguistic, and/or cultural groups, women, (im)migrants/newcomers, people with (dis)abilities, and LGBTQ2S+ people, and we strongly encourage applicants to self-identify in their application if they feel comfortable in doing so. In order to achieve a representative team, preference may be given to applicants self-declaring as being a member of one or more of the groups identified above. The Foundation believes that a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve strengthens our ability to achieve our mission.




We have a mission to advance and promote a just society governed by the rule of law, through leadership, innovation and collaboration. Since 1969,  we have been making the law and justice system  more accessible particularly to those segments of the public who face the greatest barriers to access.  Working here means joining a team of passionate, hard-working professionals. We strive to build an inclusive and respectful working environment, where all employees are valued for their contributions to our mission.


We offer a comprehensive benefits program, which includes:


  • Generous extended health and dental coverage for the employee, spouse, and dependents
  • 3 weeks annual vacation to start and late December office closure
  • Supportive remote (within BC) work environment with flexible work arrangements
  • Family friendly workplace policies including generous parental leave top-ups, life insurance plan, and a workplace culture with an overarching emphasis on wellness and work life balance
  • Wellness spending account of $1000 per employee per year
  • RRSP contribution of 6% of salary without matching requirement
  • Generous care days (sick leave) entitlement
  • Relevant professional fees and memberships covered
  • Training and professional development opportunities


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Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Grants and Programs will co-lead (in partnership with the Director of Legal Service Grants) the Foundation’s Program team to implement strategies to achieve the Foundation’s goals. They will be part of the Foundation’s Executive Team, alongside the Executive Director, Director of Legal Service Grants, Director of Strategic Projects, Director of Operations and Director of Finance.  

The Foundation is embarking on the creation of a new strategic plan and has recently expanded its work, including the establishment of new funds focused on Racial and Indigenous justice and providing the administrative support for the McLachlin Fund for Access to Justice. The Foundation is supporting more programs than ever and continues to foster its existing grantee relationships while also embarking into new relationships. It is also in a period of transition as it pursues structural and operational change to respond to the new challenges it faces. The Director of Grants and Programs will play a key role in developing and in ensuring the success of these initiatives. 

This role must be approached with a great deal of sensitivity to the power imbalances that form the backdrop of a foundation/grantee relationship. The Director will support grantees and funded staff, while at the same time being a careful steward of Foundation resources. 




You are a collaborative leader with expertise in strategy, policy, project development and execution, and stakeholder engagement, who is both process-oriented and focused on achieving positive results.  


You are adaptable and able to navigate complexity. You are resourceful and proficient in scoping and bringing new projects to life – highly skilled in project leadership and management. You deliver on your workplans while handling and preparing for uncertainty, and to work successfully within a volunteer governance structure. 


You are an experienced people manager committed to developing your team’s skills and capacities.  As a colleague, you value transparency and collaborating effectively with members of the team. Your actions and your presence in the workplace contribute to a healthy culture.


You are strong in building and maintaining relationships because relationships, internal and external, are critical to success in this position; you balance the relational work in this position with your own focused work. You have excellent presentation and communication skills that will permit you to engage effectively with colleagues, external partners, and our Board of Governors. You understand what information different audiences need and you are able to communicate about complex matters in a way that best serves the needed dialogue, and/or best supports decision-making. 


You proactively seek opportunities to move towards trust-based philanthropy and bring a learning lens to all aspects of your work.  You have a good understanding of the philanthropic and non-profit landscape in Canada. As a facilitator and convener, you create inclusive opportunities to align diverse stakeholder interests, build consensus, and move ideas to action.   




The Director of Grants and Programs must have a combination of the following (or equivalent) education and experience: 


  • 10+ years of relevant experience in philanthropic foundations, Indigenous organizations, community organizations, legal organizations, and/or non-profits; 
  • Advanced degree in a related discipline or equivalent relevant experience, including lived experience;  
  • Deep understanding of access to justice issues or strong capacity to understand these issues, but qualification as lawyer not required; 
  • Experience in community outreach, preferably including direct work with equity-seeking communities; 
  • Experience working in an environment that works to affirm the rights of systemically disadvantaged groups such as: Indigenous peoples, racialized people, 2SLGBTQIA+; persons with disabilities; ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities; seniors; and/or women and children; 
  • Experience working with grants, and preferably in grantmaking; 
  • Experience in coalition building and a nuanced understanding of the links between the justice system, socio-economic issues, poverty, and the situation of Indigenous people and equity-seeking groups in the justice system, or equivalent knowledge in adjacent systems (health; social services) and ability to understand these issues in the justice sector context; 
  • Familiarity and experience working with grassroots organizations assisting communities, NGOs, academic bodies and governmental institutions involved in the broader justice sector; and
  • Experience working with boards of directors and an understanding of board governance. 




Leadership of Grantmaking Programs 


  • Manages a part of the Foundation’s ongoing grant portfolio, principally programs other than direct legal service provision (including public interest law, legal education, legal research and law reform), including the supervision of a team responsible for the solicitation, review and analysis of grant applications, the preparation of grant agreements and appropriate reporting and evaluation requirements, developing and implementing methods for the ongoing and sensitive evaluation of programs, and the coordination of complementary grant and non-grant programs;
  • Leads the process of change in the planning and administration of the position’s grant portfolio;
  • Responsible for overall grantmaking processes and grants administration policies and leads the organizational move to trust-based granting and integrating innovative grant-making practices;
  • Works with direct reports to manage ongoing relationships with grantees and potential grantees, and acts as a resource for grantees in relation to issues arising in their program delivery; will lead in embedding the concept of reciprocity into our grantmaking relationships;
  • Oversees specialized granting projects and core granting programs including program and process design, identifying the resources and capacity needed to execute, coordinating communications, and engagement with grant-seekers;
  • Works with all program staff to determine where grants should be complemented by other initiatives, training, capacity-building, or other assistance, to enhance impact;
  • Works with the Executive Director and Finance Director to ensure long-term financial sustainability of grant portfolio;
  • Maintains direct management of some key grantmaking relationships;
  • Ensures that grants are paid in a timely way; responsible for ensuring appropriate financial accountability;
  • Supports the Executive Director in providing oversight over the Foundation’s grant budget;and
  • Support the implementation of technology as needed to advance strategic goals.


Policy development and capacity-building  


  • In line with the direction from the Board of Governors, reviews our grant administration practices, works closely with the Director of Legal Service Grants and with our team to recommend changes to the Foundation’s practices and policies that take into account the Foundation’s strategic plan, the financial situation of the Foundation, and the legal needs of the people of British Columbia;
  • Develops and maintains an awareness of current thinking and new developments in philanthropy, in order to formulate strategy and advise on granting possibilities and practices;
  • Work with our Operations and Finance teams to ensure that our grantmaking systems are responsive to the Foundation’s needs;
  • Develops and delivers capacity building programs for grantees as needed and appropriate, while paying careful attention to the appropriate use of the Foundation’s convening and educational functions (e.g.: Human Resources strategy, grantee Executive Director conferences, and finding other opportunities like a possible Finance support pilot), and thinks creatively about grant and non-grant tools to support the access to justice sector in BC;
  • Participates in the Board of Governors’ Policy and Planning Committee;
  • Working with the Executive Director, oversees development and execution of program plans and projects to deliver on the Foundation's priorities;
  • Ensures that equity and inclusion are integral considerations in the Program Team’s work and its recommendations for decisions by the Foundation; and
  • Reports on progress in planning, change and management of their team, and acts as the liaison to the Operations and Finance teams.


Organizational Leadership and Team Management 


  • Provides leadership by assisting, coaching and mentoring direct reports, and supervise and support any other contractors assisting on projects;
  • In partnership with the Director of Operations, ensures the successful onboarding of new staff;
  • In partnership with the Director of Operations, oversee the development and implementation of the Foundation’s communications function;
  • Ensures effective evaluation and iterative improvement of the Program Team’s work and participates in workforce planning with Executive team. 


Leadership in Access to Justice (in partnership with Director of Legal Service Grants) 

  • Create innovative, focused, and nimble strategies across the Law Foundation’s programs in partnership with the Executive Director, Board, and Program Team, aligned with the available funding; 
  • Work with our team to ensure that the Foundation’s strategic priorities reflect community needs in access to justice;
  • Lead regular reviews of the Foundation’s grantmaking strategy with a view to ensuring the greatest positive impact on access to justice;
  • Engages stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration, gaps in service, and other emerging issues;
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Director, Director Legal Service Grants, and Program Team to build and manage relationships with government entities, NGOs, leaders in the access to justice field, and other stakeholders to better understand the shifting landscape of opportunities and challenges, and to advance the Foundation’s vision and strategies;and
  • Helps build philanthropic relationships and partnerships, particularly with a view to strengthening philanthropic practices, and creating collaborative initiatives as appropriate;


Note: This job may require additional responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Law Foundation of British Columbia. This job will also require travel from time to time to communities throughout the Province. 




To succeed in their role, the Director of Grants and Programs needs to have, or to be able to develop, a sound knowledge of the justice sector and issues affecting the justice sector in BC, which they will be expected to develop further grow in the role. Key areas of knowledge – some of which will be pre-existing for you and some of which will be acquired in the role – include: 


  • Understanding of the non-profit sector, non-profit structure and governance, and understanding of non-profit funding; 
  • Understanding of and commitment to Indigenous justice; 
  • Understanding of and commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; 
  • Understanding of the legal, policy and socioeconomic realities that impact clients accessing services funded by the Foundation; 
  • Understanding of the justice system, and the multiple and overlapping barriers to accessing justice; 
  • Understanding of the Foundation’s role as an institution in the justice sector, knowledge of its practices and procedures, of its relationships with other justice sector partners; and 
  • Familiarity with professional legal practice standards and ethics. 


The Director of Grants and Programs requires the following core competencies, and associated skills and abilities: 


  • Self-awareness – thoughtful about their situation within the justice system and society, and a strong understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth; able to sensitively navigate the power imbalances that are typically a feature of funding relationships and in the justice sector more broadly; 
  • Vision and goal setting – is able to develop vision and goals with their team and to translate that into action, aligning tasks and work towards the achievement of the team’s and the Foundation’s goals; 
  • Change Leader –able to lead others through transition and change, works to build support and to get the necessary resources to implement change,
  • Promotes empowerment – looks for opportunities to delegate appropriately and to provide authority and resources as appropriate to team members to do their jobs well;  
  • Indigenous relations behavioural competencies, including the following [Note: The Foundation has staff and governors who have lived experience as Indigenous people, and those who do not. Different people will have gained these competencies different ways and will have different approaches to the Foundation's work in relation to Indigenous justice depending on their lived experience and many other characteristics]
    • Showing courage and conviction in advocating for change to promote justice for Indigenous peoples, including stepping forward, from a place of humility, respect and knowledge, to name needed change and to advocate for it 
    • Sustained learning that appreciates there are many different cultural understandings of knowledge and ways of working 
    • Demonstrating cultural agility, noticing and readily adapting to cultural uniqueness in order to create a sense of safety for all; having the capacity to relate to different cultural perspectives and being willing to experience a personal shift in perspective 
  • Self-starter – able to organize and prioritize their work and the work of the team on multiple projects simultaneously with minimum supervision;
  • Embraces complexity – seeks to learn from rather than to avoid or to unduly manage complexity; 
  • Decisive and creative problem solver– demonstrated ability to exercise excellent judgment; employs a systems approach to problem-solving, planning and decision-making that take into account projects risks and contingencies; is able to reframe or restructure problems in a different way, when necessary and appropriate, to solve them and is willing to try new approaches; 
  • Intellectual agility and ability to analyze evidence, think critically, and understand research and studies that are directly relevant to programmatic funding areas; 
  • Effective at building trusting relationships internally and externally; 
  • Commitment to creating and reinforcing a transparent, accountable, mutually respectful, collaborative work environment; 
  • Relationship building – effective at building and maintaining trusting relationships internally and externally;
  • Service orientation – maintains a focus on grantees, grant-seekers and their experience in interacting with the Foundation; 
  • Technological proficiency–fluency with Microsoft Office suite; strong aptitude to master grant database software and other programs
  • Commitment to the Foundation’s mandate and the core values of equity, trust, collaboration and accountability.


All staff at the Foundation require a strong understanding of and ability to maintain confidentiality and our compliance with privacy legislation. They must also be committed to the Foundation’s mandate and the core values of equity, trust, collaboration, and accountability. 




Please submit the following through this application portal:


  1. Resume (upload as PDF).
  2. Cover letter (upload as PDF)
  3. Three references who can speak to your skills and experience (whether paid or unpaid). Please enter these directly into the provided fields in the portal. The Law Foundation may request that a candidate provide supplemental references if required.


Interviews will be conducted by Foundation staff by video. The Foundation will make appropriate accommodations, if needed, for candidates that we interview.


By submitting your application, you certify that all information submitted is true, complete and correct. Any information provided in your application, any assessment documents or processes and/or an interview that is found to be false or misrepresented in any respect, may eliminate you from further consideration for employment or may result in dismissal.


We acknowledge that the Foundation’s main office is located in Vancouver on the shared lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, and conducts its work throughout the homelands of Indigenous Peoples across the place we now call British Columbia. The Law Foundation of BC is committed to supporting a just and meaningful reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and others in these lands.


If you have any questions about this role, please contact Josh Paterson, Executive Director, by email at

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  • Location
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Department
    Executive Team
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $140,130.00 - $179,055.00 annually